wild30 Jan 12, 2018


Even though it's great to connect in a large community like our Planners Gone Wild group, sometimes it's fun to hang in a smaller group setting.

Our #wild30 sessions are small, online groups where members GO big toward their goals for 30 days. We have hosted topics including lettering, journaling, declutter and organizing, creative planning, journaling, budgeting, meal planning, fitness and 30-day planner challenge groups.

Our fifth set of challenge groups runs this summer 2018 - from July 9 through August 7. This round includes Budget Planning with Jen DuFore,  Declutter and Organize with Amanda Hooper, Meal Planning with Naina Singh and Lettering with Cindy Guentert-Baldo. Each challenge group features regular content and prizing within the group. 

Summer 2018 #wild30 sessions are SOLD OUT.  Thank you!

Groups run for 30 days.  We'll be back with new #wild30 later opportunities this autumn!

See you in #wild30!...

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